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CareNote helps you remember, be informed, and deliver care

As a busy pastor, care coordinator, chaplain, or care provider managing multiple care requests can be overwhelming, especially if you're relying on voicemails, post-its, emails, or notecards to keep track of everything. That's where CareNote comes in. Our web-based pastoral care management application is designed to help you streamline and simplify the process of providing care to your congregants and members of your care network. With CareNote, you can easily handle and track care requests from start to finish, assign care requests and tasks to care providers, and ensure that every care request is promptly and effectively handled. Plus, with features like integrated search, a centralized database, notifications, and alerts, you'll always be in the loop and able to provide the best possible care to your community. Say goodbye to cluttered post-its and hello to efficient, effective pastoral care with CareNote.

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Everything you need

To Remember, Be Informed, Ensure Delivery of Care.

As we were designing our tools to help simplify pastoral care, we discovered that pastors want at least three basic things when managing pastoral care in their congregations: Always Remember, Be Informed, Ensure Delivery of Care.

Always Remember
Always remember the significant events in the lives of your care network, reminding them they are not alone.
Deliver Care
Leveraging the ability to create tasks, make assignments and send reminders will ensure the delivery of care.
Manage Teams
Deploy team members, assign care requests and tasks and increase the flow of communication.
Lightning Fast Search
Search is deeply integrated allowing you to find what you are looking for. All of your notes are indexed so you can quickly access the information you need to deliver care.
Be Informed
CareNote's living profiles make pastoral care calls or in-person visits less awkward. Everything's in one place.
Care Request Workflow
Integrated workflows ensure that care requests are captured, categorized, and flow through the same process to guarantee delivery of care.
Simple Reports
One-click care reports make keeping track of care less painful. Category tags allow for quick filters.
Alerts & Notifications
Alerts and notifications so you are always up-to-date on those who may be in need of a call or visit.

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Includes every feature we offer, billed monthly, cancel at anytime.

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CareNote has been tested and proven in real churches like yours, so we're confident you'll realize its value as both an information management and pastoral care tool. With CareNote, there are no contracts, so you pay as you go, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You own your data.

You can cancel anytime and take your data with you.

Ignite Church

CareNote helps us stay connected, deliver care, and never miss an opportunity for congregational support. It's great that the developer is also a pastor who uses the app!

Kathy C
Kathy C.
Care Coordinator, Ignite Church
Crossroads Community Church

CareNote simplified our congregant care workflow by keeping everything centralized helping us easily capture, respond to, and deliver care to our congregants.s Simple, easy-to-use, and affordable!